VIVID RGB Lighting

Founded in 2011 by Brian Fassett and Sepp Spenlinhauer, Vivid RGB lighting evolved naturally from their 25 years in the field of theatrical and architectural lighting design. They are constantly inspired by light and passionate about great design. These values combined with a real lack of suitable products in the market drove them to design their own color changing LED pixels. They are involved in every aspect of product development from concept to manufacturing, documentation and programming. Their unique knowledge of color changing Pixel LEDs and systems puts them far ahead in the competitive lighting design market.

The team behind Vivid RGB Lighting continues to push the envelope, creating exceptional products and flexible systems that meet a wide variety of needs, not to mention colorful whims and desires. From animated holiday light shows to specular star studded extravagant parties, Vivid RGB Lighting is your source for color changing pixel based LED Lighting.

Whatever your desires are, let Vivid RGB Lighting fill them with color.
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