Website Update

    Vivid RGB Lighting is excited to announce a re-vamp and update to the website. Now featuring a gallery with Video’s and more product specifications.

    Watch this space for new and exciting products to be released soon… Or contact us today with your RGB Pixel needs!

  • ORB100 at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party

    Vivid RGB Lighting is excited to be “center stage” at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2014!!! Thanks to a great design by BW Architects, the ORB100 created a stunning color changing chandelier that hung over the stars. Check out a video of the mockup over on their website. Pictures & video from the actual party to follow shortly!

  • New Turbo Cabochon!

    Check out our new turbo lights for all your needs.

  • Texas State Fair

    We are excited to say that the Pixel360 was featured in a massive 3-dimensional light sculpture for the nightly finale fireworks show in Dallas, TX for the Texas State Fair. Eighty-one strings were used to create a structure that seemed to float within its structure.

  • New Projects powered by Vivid RGB Lighting

    This holiday season, our friends at Animated Lighting have been busy putting Vivid RGB Lighting products to work on light displays across the country. Check out some of our favorites here.

  • Zip Tie One On: Vivid color in a new, compact style

    Introducing Pixy, Vivid RGB Lighting’s newest full-color LED pixel.

    With the same color depth as our popular flagship Pixel360 product, each Pixy module is individually controllable, shining any one of sixteen million colors from its wide-angle 8mm LED. Pixy’s unique fully-overmolded bow-tie design makes it easy to install in multiple ways, and makes it ready for any weather.

    Like all Vivid products, Pixy is available both in a stock configuration and by custom order, with options for pixel count, on-center pixel spacing and finishes.

    Pixy is now available through our sales partner, Animated Lighting. For more information, download our information package, here on our website.

  • Iconic tree at Macy’s State Street decked with Chip3-powered ornaments

    A Christmas institution, The Great Tree in Macy’s on State Street store, just got twenty-two times merrier thanks to a bright new constellation of star-shaped ornaments equipped with Vivid RGB Lighting’s Chip3 pixel strings.

    Collaborating with American Christmas, an industry leader in holiday decorating, Vivid developed dynamic new star ornaments for the 45-foot tree, in the shape of Macy’s iconic logo and powered by Vivid’s pixel and controller technology.

  • 13,200 Pixel360° Pixels & 114 Universes of DMX

    The largest display ever to use Vivid RGB Lighting products was this past December, with 13,200 Pixel360° nodes in custom-made 28-pixel strings with a clear iridescent finish. See a video and read more about this installation here.

    After extensive evaluation, Eclectic Precision chose the clear iridescent finish for its bright sparkle effect. Custom 28-pixel strings were ordered to maximize the number of pixels for the height of the trees and budget available.

    They also ordered twenty-eight Vivid RGB controllers running 3 or 4 universes of E1.31 DMX data each, for a total of 110 universes. The controllers were built into custom-made weather proof enclosures that housed a 600 Watt power supply.

    “The Vivid RGB controllers were very easy to incorporate into our show because they included fuses for each output” says Sepp Spenlinhauer, responsible for the technical aspects of the show. “We used the 5-foot V-Cables to run two strings off each output, for a total of twenty strings per tree. There was no noticeable color shift due to voltage drop or control issues.”

    To make the installation easy for Eclectic Precision, Vivid RGB Lighting custom-designed the “End Loop”, now a standard product. The End Loop made it easy to attach the end of the Pixel360° string to the tops of the trees without the need for any additional products or fabrication. It also kept stress off of the cables from the use of string or rope. We will be incorporating this into all of our products.

    Vivid RGB products used in this installation:

    •            (20) 28-node Pixel 360 strings per tree
    •            Custom loop end caps
    •            (110) universes of E1.31 control

  • Vivid RGB partners with Animated Lighting!

    We are excited to announce that Animated Lighting is our launch partner & distributor! The team behind Vivid RGB has worked with Animated Lighting for over six years.

    Founded in 2002, Animated Lighting is the market leader in providing hardware and software for synchronizing and controlling lights, music, and special effects. Animated Lighting provides concept design, engineering, and on-site project management as well as first-rate product support.

    Animated lighting will also be selling several new products designed by Eclectic Precision, of Brooklyn, NY, a leader in themed show creation. These displays will incorporate Vivid RGB products: look for the Majestic Star, Whimsy Trees, Ultimate RGB Tree, and a very vivid “Joy to the World” coming soon!

    Please visit the Animated Lighting Website to see the exciting things they are doing with Vivid RGB products including the Pixel360° and the new Pixy inline pixel.

    We are looking forward to a great partnership with Animated Lighting!